End the Misery of This Hidden Cause of Chronic Pain

End the Misery of This Hidden Cause of Chronic Pain
You ache, but even your doctor can't figure out why. It may feel like it's in your joints... or near them. Maybe you can't quite put your finger on it. But it throbs, day after day. And you just want it to stop.
Well, we may now know how to end the misery of this hidden cause of chronic pain.
The answer comes courtesy of a research team in Australia. They wondered if a hereditary problem might extend even further. So they dug through six medical databases for answers. Here's what they found...
Tendons are tough fibers that connect muscle to bone. Probably the best known of these key connectors is your Achilles tendon, just above your heel. If you've ever injured this connector, you understand the kind of debilitating pain a tendon injury can cause.
People with a family history of high cholesterol also have an unusually high rate of tendon injury. The Australian scientists tried to discover if high cholesterol in general was linked to chronic tendon pain.
What they uncovered was eye opening.
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