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Most causes of prostate enlargement are due to one or more of the following...

Male hormone imbalance
Family history
Toxins or heavy metal pollution
Unhealthy eating habits i.e smoking & alcohol drinking
Other diseases

Frequent Urination, Residual Urination or Intermittent Urine Flow
Painful, stinging urination, Slow Urination & Urination Difficulty
Prostate inflammation & Benign Prostate Hyperplasia
Dribbling & Thin Urine Flow
Low Sexual Stamina, Premature Ejaculation or Soft Erection
Blood in Urine & Semen
Interrupted Sleep At Night, Low Energy Level & Tired
Lower Back or Groin Pain & Weak Knee
Constant Full Feeling in Bladder

If the prostate gland has not been placed under proper care, it may grow as the male gets older, and affect the urination process, causing many males to have sexual problems, such as pain during ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, blood in semen & etc.

Vigamaxx it is your solution. 
For best results the dosage is to take one capsule daily for the first 6 days, then one capsule every 2 to 3 days, to be taken after meals. In addition, increase your water intake daily. 

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