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NanoCal – World’s First Nano Calcium

 NanoCal will Offers

  • The human body contains about 1kg of calcium, 99% of which comprises our teeth and bones. Calcium is vital for many bodily functions and arguably is the most important nutrient in the body.
  • General calcium supplements have only approximately a 21-37% absorption rate due to larger calcium particle sizes and shapes. The remainder of the calcium can cause unwanted side effects. NanoCal is 100,000 times smaller in particle size, delivering a nearly 100% absorption rate.
  • Dietary intake of calcium may not be sufficient to meet the body’s daily needs today, particularly in the elderly, in young children, in women after menopause, and in women during pregnancy and breast feeding. NanoCal is virtually suitable for all ages.
  • Published studies show that calcium deficiency is directly related to low bone mass, bone loss and high rates of bone fractures. Calcium intake is considered a vital part of a healthy diet, but taking non-absorbent calcium can cause side effects and kidney related problems.
  • This is why it is important to select a calcium supplement that will provide high absorption rates while regulating intake volume. Such a supplement should have seamless absorption, direct and demonstrated effectiveness, and an extremely low instance of side effects. Codeco NanoCal delivers these requirements.
  • NanoCal is the purest and most valuable source of calcium supplement on the market. It is free from chromium, lead, barium and mercury as well as being free from sugar, starch, gluten, and yeast, and it does not contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.