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1. Get More Protein: 
 Foods high in protein will keep you full longer. This helps derail cravings of any kind. Eating more protein also promotes healthy insulin and glucose activity. This doesn't just prevent diabetes… It may keep you from sneaking something sweet. When you can’t get cookies off your mind, reach for a bag of nuts instead. Pistachios or cashews are great choices. And it’s not just their protein content that will help you avoid sugar.... 

 2. Eat a Fatty Snack: 
Healthy fats help balance your hormones, like serotonin. But if those levels aren't in check, it fuels sugar cravings. And that can also affect your mood. Eating more sugar might feel like a quick fix…but it’s only making things worse. Next time you’re feeling hungry before dinner, try a high-fat natural snack. Cut up avocado slices and eat them plain. Or pair it with a poached egg. They’re both rich sources of good fats. Fatty nuts and olives also make good snacks. 

 3. Use More Spices: 
 Sweet spices like clove and cardamom can help fill the need for something sugary. It makes you feel satisfied. Many of these spices also help manage blood glucose levels. Get creative with your spices. Sprinkle them in your coffee in place of sugar. Add them to your salad. Pairing them up creates new tastes. But it also means getting even more health benefits.
 4. Increase Your Magnesium Intake: 
 A magnesium deficiency triggers sugar cravings. And it’s no surprise… This mineral helps regulate glucose, insulin, and dopamine levels. An imbalance of any of these can make your body want sugar. Spinach is an excellent source of magnesium. Gently steam it and serve it as a side. Throw in some chopped almonds to add even more of this mineral. 

 5. Drink More Water: 
 Dehydration can bring on sugary urges. That’s because your body is in search of energy sources. This can also put your body into stress mode…one of the leading causes of cravings. But drinking water will help fix that. You can better fulfill your craving by adding flavor. Try lemon wedges. They’re high in potassium. Combining them with water can boost brain power. You might also want to try dropping in a few cucumber slices. They’re loaded with disease-fighting nutrients. Have a water bottle handy wherever you go. Carry a bag of mixed nuts with you. If those sweet cravings hit, you’re prepared. Before you know it, they may vanish for good. 

 In good health