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End the Misery of This Hidden Cause of Chronic Pain
From records between 1973 and 2014, they found 17 studies that had enough information to analyze. These 17 studies included 2,612 volunteers.
They discovered people with poor cholesterol profiles also had far more tendon problems... and tendon pain. Tendon problems were linked to both high LDL ("bad") cholesterol, and low levels of the HDL ("good") variety.1
Subjects were far more likely to have normal, healthy tendons if they had healthy cholesterol profiles. In other words, out-of-balance cholesterol may be a major cause of chronic pain.
The study didn't show a direct cause-and-effect relationship... but it looks like we may have a smoking gun here. Either way, getting your cholesterol under control is a mart idea. And it's easier than you may think.
Here are 3 nutritional supplements that can help...
Red Yeast Rice (RYR). This natural cholesterol-buster has decades of success behind it. A recent study tested RYR on doctors with high cholesterol. In just 8 weeks, they had 22% lower cholesterol levels.

2 Garlic.
Garlic is a perfect choice for promoting healthy cholesterol. First, it adds flavor and zest to foods. Adding garlic to almost any Italian or Mediterranean recipe just intensifies the flavors. Plus, garlic doesn't just support lower levels of "bad" LDL cholesterol. It also promotes higher levels of the "good" HDL variety.

3 Green Tea Extract.
Green tea is one of my favorite drinks. I could write a book on the health benefits it supports. One of them is healthy cholesterol levels. In a recent double blind Chinese study, women taking green tea extract boosted their HDL levels while lowering their LDL levels. Women who took a placebo didn't see any benefits.
Taking a nutritional supplement with all 3 of these herbs could make a big difference. Were not absolutely certain unhealthy cholesterol levels lead to tendon problems and pain... but the handwriting appears to be on the wall.

Yours in continued good health,