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Complete relief for your prostate
With it you can look forward to nights of peaceful sleep... Relieving yourself with the fast, powerful stream you once had... And complete freedom from discomfort and embarrassment. It's natural, easy to use, and unlike anything you've ever heard of-or tried-before.
 Below are the remarkable result Improve blood circulation reduces blood pressure Anti blood platelet aggregation Anti-tumor Anti-bacteria Improves sleep Anti-virus Anti-inflammation Anti allergy Anti-oxidant & anti-aging Benefit to lung & kidney Enhances beauty Strengthen kidney Improve heart beat rate Enhance metabolism Prevent cancer Diminish inflammation Anti-virus Cures cough & asthma Improve vitality Increase male libido Anti-Oxidant For best results, dosage:
For best results the dosage is to take one capsule daily for the first 6 days, then one capsule every 2 to 3 days, to be taken after meals.
In addition, increase your water intake daily.
 New packaging has 20 capsules per pack (20 capsules X 500mg). Vigamaxx ( 20 capules X 500mg )  Formula: we added more active ingredients, and the tablets changed to capsules.
You will get more value for your money.

 Best Regards,
 A.N.T World Wide North America Distributor