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1. Dizziness
Frequent bouts of dizziness or vertigo often signal B12 stores are low. For instance, you may experience a feeling of wobbles when you get up too fast from a sitting position. You may also feel dangerously dizzy walking up or down stairs.

 2. Forgetfulness
Sure, we all get those occasional "brain farts." However, chronic forgetfulness may indicate a deeper medical issue. Many patients suffering B12 deficiency often jump to the conclusion they have early onset dementia or Alzheimer's, especially in their senior years.

3. Unexplained Fatigue
Ever had a good night's sleep followed by a day of yawning and dragging your feet? If that constant fatigue continues for days and weeks, it may be the result of B12 deficiency. Researchers from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found those who felt zapped of energy even though they get plenty of zzzzz's may be struggling with low B12 levels. It's due to a lack of red blood cell production... one of B12's responsibilities... meaning oxygen transport to your organs is lacking, causing extreme fatigue.

4. Vision Issues
No, there isn't something in your eye causing the spotting, blurred and double vision. Low B12 stores can lead to vision changes and actually damage vision. Causing even retinal damage if blood vessels in the eye become blocked.
That means you may experience light sensitivity, blurred or double vision, tracers or shadows, which all result from damage to the optic nerve. Luckily, B12 supplementation can help improve your vision.

 5. Pins and Needles
 It's common to experience pins and needles if you sit cross-legged for far too long. However, pins and needles (or the feeling of numbness) throughout the body when you haven't compressed any part of your body, can indicate a B12 issue. Numbness or the feeling of electric shock waves can be the result of nerve damage in B12 deficient patients. All leading back to poor red blood cell production from a lack of B12. When you notice persistent health issues like these, you may want to consider a quality B12 supplement. Unfortunately, most B12 supplements you find on the market suffer from one major flaw...
Your body can NOT absorb them!
When the vitamins can't be absorbed, your body is unable to assimilate them and you never get the anticipated nutrition.

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