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 2. Find the Strange Seed That’s Safer Than Surgery

Another seed extract you can take comes from horse chestnuts… You may know them as buckeyes. Horse chestnut seed extract (HCSE) could be the most effective natural treatment for varicose veins...and other symptoms of CVI.

HCSE contains bioflavonoids that restore elasticity to weakened veins... Just like grape seed extract. But there’s even more research behind this one. A systematic review of studies from the Cochrane Database found it is “effective and safe as a symptomatic short-term treatment for CVI.” This is less risky—and costly—than surgery. Remember…spider veins are a symptom of CVI.

You can use this extract orally or topically. Just don’t try to prepare your own raw formulations. Buckeyes contain esculin... It’s a harmful toxin. You need to remove it before the extract is safe to use.

3. Eat These Inflammation-Slaying Fats

Eating more omega-3 fatty acids may be the easiest way to help ward off spider veins. You already know they decrease inflammation. This alone may help shrink bulging veins. And there’s another factor to consider…

One of the symptoms of an omega-3 deficiency is poor circulation. This is because omega-3s thin your blood. This helps improve blood flow. It also helps get important nutrients where they need to go. These fats can even build stronger vein walls.

You know wild caught salmon, pastured eggs, and raw walnuts are some of the best natural sources of these fatty acids. If you’re going to supplement, aim for at least a gram of quality fish oil—from liquid or soft gels—each day.

4. Take This Ayurvedic Double-Threat

Ayurvedic medicine uses gotu kola for treating everything from memory to asthma to skin conditions. Its chemical makeup allows it to help erase spider veins too.

Gotu kola contains triterpenic fraction of Centella asiatica (TTFCA). It’s a compound that helps your body produce collagen and elastin. These are two types of connective tissue your veins need to stay strong. Having stronger veins lowers your risk of developing spider veins. It also improves blood flow. This helps remove the spider veins you already have—and can prevent new ones from popping up.

Gotu kola can be taken in capsule or powder form. You can even enjoy it as a tea.

5. Apply Shakespeare’s Favorite Poison

Arnica is a homeopathic remedy for bruises. You may know it by the name Wolf’s Bane… It was one of Shakespeare’s favorite poisons. But it may also help eliminate your spider veins. Arnica decreases inflammation and boosts circulation. Chinese healers have used it to treat heart palpitations and high blood pressure. 

Your best bet is to use it as a topical gel or cream. You can also find it in pill form... But too much arnica can be dangerous. Less is more in this case. Most homeopathic preparations are low enough to be safe.

Forget injecting dangerous chemicals into your veins... Or zapping them with hot lasers. Try these natural remedies instead. Using them could mean fewer spider veins—and preventing new ones…even improving your circulation. You can find them in most health food stores or online.

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