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2) Exercise in general can also help you stay regular. Here are some recommended workouts and exercises for constipation - a) 3 quarter squats:
The squat position aligns more of the intestinal tract downward and this will help facilitate bowel movement.
To do a 3 quarter squats, simply bend down half as far as you would bend to sit in a chair.
 b) Lunges: Lunges work because they help exercise your thigh muscles.
They also help to move the intestines back and forth.
Do at least 5 lunges every day for the best results.
 c) Other exercises like brisk walking, jumping rope, swimming, also helps to improve blood flow in your body and can help constipation.

 3) Using a Squatty Potty allows you to eliminate waste more efficiently. This device helps you elevate your knees so that you're sitting closer to a 35-degree angle. This is similar to the squatting angle that helps to move the bowel. The 90-degree angle that toilets cause you to sit at is not conducive to elimination. Simply putting your feet up on a stool and leaning forward will help.

4) Take probiotics daily. A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who take probiotics tend to poop more frequently and have softer stools than those who do not. The strain of bacteria called Bifidobacterium lactis particularly improved constipation symptoms.
 This study took into account the experiences of over a thousand patients, and there are dozens of similar studies that prove the effectiveness of probiotics against constipation. As a side note, probiotics are universally considered healthy and effective against quite a few other health issues.
 Probiotics significantly improve gut health and can also benefit the immune system.
We highly recommend ProbioShield because of the number of strains in the probiotics and there are more than 25 billion CFUs of probiotics.
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