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3-NANO ENERGY CUP - Energizing Water
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         A great Gift, with carrying bag included.

The Healthy LIfe Comes From Good Water


We are happy to announce we have in stock the new 'NANO ENERGY CUP' Mineral Energy Cup used for: Energizing Water, Juices, Herb Teas, Natural Homeopathic Remedies, Oils, and Creams.
The 4 Biomagnets build in this Cup are made from Natural Material and has a Life Time Guaranty to Never Loose it's Mineral Properties. The inside of this Cup is: Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic, Non-Inert but Natural mineral Material. The high grade mineral composition radiates negative ions in water, carrying a weak electric current to adjust the ion balance of the inner body, which convert free radicals in the body to ordinary oxygen, remove toxic and preserve beauty enhance the Immunocompetence
Defer aging, improve the digestive system. This promotes the cell's self-renewal function, restraining the body's oxygenation and aging. NANO ENERGY CUP is just the manifestation of the most high-end nanometer technology and natural energy minerals, bringing out the nanometer energy stone of "super strength" cancer-killing power, turning the ordinary water into the water with Micro-electrolysis per-treatment installations.
First you need know the five main functions of NANO ENERGY CUP.

The nanometer energy cup is able to turn the ordinary water into the health water of micro-electrolysis with five main functions:

1. Alkalescency (weak alkaline condition)dissolve acid, eliminate toxicant and enhance immunity. It can quickly neutralize the        toxins, maintain acid-base balance, and control the constipation, diarrhea, gastrointestinal problems, diabetes, cardiovascular    and Cerebrovascular disease, gout, calculus, arthritis and other diseases caused by acid poisoning and acidosis.

2. Negative potentials (antioxidant): remove the excessive free radicals It's able to take effective prevention and combating against senile plaques, Parkinson's, cataracts, arterial sclerosis, cerebral apoplexy, malignant change of cell, etc. caused by the free radicals.

3. Small molecules reduce blood lipid, blood pressures and candy with super-strong dissolution power, emulsifying power, and penetrating power it's able to have the fat and cholesterol in blood vessels and gastrointestinal parts dissolved and emulsified, expel the waste, dissolve the cholesterol, lower the blood viscosity, and reduce the three-high(high blood fat, candy and pressures). It develops miraculous effects on arteriosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis, cardiovascular disease, fat-burning and slimming, etc.

4. To complement the elements of life: Trace elements and minerals The aerospace ceramic cores adopted by the energy Cup is able to release iron, zinc, iodine, calcium and other various minerals and trace elements that are essential to the human body.

5.high in oxygen:Improve sleep quality.

6.Colors available Blue, Black and Red.

“Alkaline Nano Portable Energy Water Cup” brings clear, fresh mountain taste and a pH of over 8.0 to every glass of water. Best of all, it’s affordable and environmentally friendly. Using all natural earth elements, the water is infused with essential minerals. Regular tap water is transformed into clean, mineralized alkaline water at a lower cost than any other common filter systems. More than a water filter, “Alkaline Nano Portable Energy Water Cup” adjusts water’s pH to mildly alkaline by reintroducing minerals that promote ionization and oxygenation helping your body maintain its active equilibrium.

“Alkaline Nano Portable Energy Water Cup” is coming at the  right time is affordable , environmentally friendly and pH-enhanced water systems available to the general public. The most important thing is after a few weeks of drinking alkaline water, you will stop acid reflux . A pH-balanced body is crucial to your good health.

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