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Instead, you might only experience easily mis-diagnosed symptoms like fatigue... low energy... weight gain... or even just a slump in your motivation and confidence at work or at home. You know - the kinds of things that you or even your doctor might blame on stress or a "midlife crisis"...

Yet our nation's top health authorities - and growing numbers of men across the country - are finally waking up to the truth.

Just a quick warning, though: What you're about to read not only pulls back the curtain on a few surprising foods that drain your manhood every time you eat them. It also exposes some nasty lies you're (literally) being fed by some of America's biggest companies and most powerful politicians. So if you're not ready to hear some hard truths about the state of our country and the people running it, then this article is not for you.

However, if you do continue reading you'll find out the real reason everything from your performance in the bedroom to your natural competitive drive to get out there, kick ass and take names may seem like it's getting just a little weaker each year.

And because this isn't all just gloom and doom - you'll also find out how to get all of it - your energy, your libido, your 'mojo' - back. Starting by just pushing a few things off your plate.


 Manhood Killer #1: Canned Food & Beverages

 Could opening a can of beans or popping the tab on a soda or your favorite beer really drag down your "T" levels? Surprisingly, the science says yes...

You see, manufacturers often line cans with dangerously high levels of a chemical you may have heard about in the news called BPA. It's also used in plastics, and it's gotten such a bad reputation that a lot of companies now label their plastic bottles "BPA Free."

Unfortunately, the word about BPA in can linings hasn't gotten out - so companies don't bother to remove it.

This chemical started out back in the 1930's as an artificial estrogen, used as both a hormone replacement for menopausal women and (I'm not making this up) to get farm-raised cattle and chickens to fatten up fast. Puts "beer belly" in a whole new light, doesn't it?

And a Harvard School of Public Health study showed that levels of BPA in ordinary food and beverage cans is so high that participants who ate one serving of canned soup per day raised their BPA levels a shocking 1,221%. And a study of workers in a Chinese factory where they make the stuff showed they were four times as likely to suffer from symptoms like sexual dysfunction.

Manhood Killer #2: Microwave Popcorn 

What's this - first beer and soda, now popcorn? Don't worry: Just like your favorite beverages, the problem is actually in the packaging.

That's because microwave popcorn manufacturers put chemicals called PFC's into the bags to prevent the grease from soaking through. And it works - but with a price.

A recent medical journal study reported that men exposed to these chemicals end up with abnormally high levels of a powerful estrogen called estradiol. And other studies have linked PFC's to everything from low sperm count and infertility to increased risk for testicular and prostate cancers.

Bottom line: These chemicals kill your male hormones and can even ruin your overall health. The good news is, you can stay away from a major source of PFC's just by popping your popcorn in a bowl or a brown paper bag instead.

Manhood Killer #3: "Frankenfood" Fruits & Veggies

Forget everything you hear in the news about 'trans fats' and cholesterol: This last one may be America's biggest REAL food threat.

Even worse, research shows that even rinsing and scrubbing your fruits and vegetables isn't enough to get rid of some of these chemicals.

You may have heard about genetically engineered, or "GMO" foods and thought, just like I did at first, "What's the big deal?"

Well, it turns out that one of the main reasons the food industry loves GMO crops is that the "improved" versions of these fruits and veggies are immune to pesticides that would otherwise kill them.

That means, huge agribusiness farms can get away with spraying your food with massive doses of toxic pesticides - many of which are known "environmental estrogens." In fact, at least 85 of these pesticides are already officially listed as hormone disruptors.

Yet the food industry is spraying these GMO crops - everything from corn to apples - with over 220 million pounds of these same pesticides every year.

So why isn't the media all over this? Why isn't the government protecting us?

It probably won't surprise you to learn that the companies that engineer these GMO seeds happen to be some of the biggest-spending lobbyists in Washington, spending millions to prevent the government from regulating or even labeling these foods.

Maybe that's why Obama keeps appointing former GMO company executives to posts like head of the Food and Drug Administration and signing bills protecting them, rather than stopping them.

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